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Fatima Convent High School is an Educational Institution that aims not merely at preparing its pupils to qualify for the Examinations, but to form: Integrated Persons: New man an Women for a New Society.

  • Capable of responding to life's challenges with joy and faith in one's self and God.
  • Whose choices and decisions in life are guided by right values of Fraternity, Justice, Freedom, Faith, Peace and Love.


To impart:

  •     Child-centered quality education through the pedagogy of love.
  •     Education that fosters creativity; encourages pupils to learn to do.
  •     Education that promotes social and cultural awareness and responsibility towards the needy.
  •     Education that believes in the development of the whole person.
  •     Laying stress on the formation of one's IQ, EQ. and SQ.
  •     Education that forms of its pupils, worthy citizens and that enables pupils, worthy citizens and that enables pupils   to live their relationship with God, with Nature and with Others.