Welcome to Fatima Convent High School


Principal Message

FATIMA CONVENT  is an educational institution run by the catholic minority community and recognized by the department of education-Gujarat. It is managed by Carmelite Sisters of charity of Vedruna through a registered body. It comprises of pre-primary  , primary, secondary, higher secondary sections and K.G.–CBSE. It is open to children to all castes and creeds and is cosmopolitan nature.

Here education is imparted according to Vedruna Education plan where the school aims not merely at preparing its pupils to qualify for and be successful at the SSC and HSC Examinations but to form NEW PERSONS for A NEW SOCIETY based on VALUES.

The fundamental elements of VEDRUNA EDUCATION are

1.            The person – a being in relationship with oneself, with other, with the universe and with GOD.

2.            The society we want to bring about is that which is fraternal, free, responsible, creative just and                 participative.

3.            The values we want to emphasize are life, freedom, justice , peace, fraternity, faith, love and    transcendence.  

A school that was establish in 1953 as a tiny seed has grown spreading its branches , fruits and seeds in the form of our students, parents , teachers all over the world bringing about the creation of a new society. With joy and life in abundance, collaborating in this world a better place for all of us to live with respect and dignity. 

                We instill in our student a concern for the environment and nature. Plastic free campus , cleanliness drive , tree plantation and efforts of the eco. club activities are geared to this goal.

we are also engaged through our social service club in synthesizing out students about the need for concern for the less fortunate.

Thus the management and staff work together for all round development of every student, implementing of comprehensive evaluation system in the academic field.