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1Education Department
2Chapter 2. The functions of the associated branches of the education department– a list of the fun
3Chapter3. The Right to Information Act – The powers and the duties of the authorities of the educa
4Chapter 4. The rules and regulations in the department.
5Chapter 6. The classification of work carried out by the education department as well as the people
6Chapter 8. The name of the officials and their positions and work profile.
7Chapter 11. The information of the monthly wages of the officials of the department.
8Details of Government Officers / Employees of Education Department to be retired in the next 5 years
9Details of Name, Designation, Address of class-2 officers of Education Department.
10Chapter 12. The budget allocated to each institution.
11The circular of 16/11/2005 for common administration.
12The regulation passed by the Department of Education dated 25/11/2005
13The rights to information act as per 2005 as well as the rules and regulations in English and Gujara
14The list of the rules and regulations applicable to the department of education.