Welcome to Fatima Convent High School


Welcome to Fatima Convent High School


The Congregation of the Vedruna Carmelite Sisters of  Charity was founded by St. Joaquina de Vedruna on the 26th of February 1826 in Spain, for the Glory of God and the good of the neighbour. Its aim  was Christian education of Youth and the care of the sick and the marginalized with a definite option for the poor. It was the desire of the Foundress that her Sisters should go to all the parts of the world to remedy the needs of the people.On the 12th February 1953, Mother Zoila, Sr. Maria, Sr. Assuncion, Sr. Elvira and Sr. Pilar, set foot on the soil of Bhavnagar. In July 1953, they sowed the seeds of Vedruna Education in India.Thus began Fatima Convent School, first and only English School in Bhavnagar, for all classes of people. The tiny seed took root and over years has grown into a full fledged tree.

Principal Message


FATIMA CONVENT  is an educational institution run by the catholic minority community and recognized by the department of education-Gujarat. It is managed by Carmelite Sisters of charity of Vedruna through a registered body. It comprises of pre-primary  , primary, secondary, higher secondary sections and K.G.–CBSE. It is open to children to all castes and creeds and is cosmopolitan nature.

Here education is imparted according to Vedruna Education plan where the school aims not merely at preparing its pupils to qualify for and be successful at the SSC and HSC Examinations but to form NEW PERSONS for A NEW SOCIETY based on VALUES....